I am not perfect. But I will try to be for you.
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I understand it now; why hurricanes are named after people.

Jeigo, Still Homesick (via jeigo)

When I say I miss being home, I don’t mean it in the literal sense.
These walls do not make me feel safe.
You did.

m.l.b, can we still call this love? (via traced-veins)

My heart broke
piece by piece
with every word
you left unspoken.
I don’t think this
is what love is
supposed to feel
like anymore.

Who would have
thought that the ocean
I saw in your eyes
was really a hurricane
and that the warmth
I felt in your arms was
really a forest fire.

things to remember:


  • don’t let anyone be too important in your life
  • if you have to force it, leave it alone
  • tell someone when you miss them
  • tell someone when you love them
  • compliment strangers
  • it’s okay to cry whenever wherever you want
  • you never know who you’ll meet, one day, someone will change your life on just a normal day
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